All potential candidates are thoroughly screened, interviewed and referenced by an Integra KV trained recruiting specialist prior to presenting them for any opportunity. This proven screening process is done to guarantee we’re providing the best possible applicants – both technically and culturally – with the intent to excel in accomplishing the goals of the provided opportunity. Our confidence in the candidates we recommend to your organization is based on our ability to properly assess their skills, training, education, personality, motivation, experience and overall “fit” for your specific need. IKV has been successful in providing staffing solutions to companies of all sizes within several industries, for a variety of skill sets, due to our dedication to providing top notch service to both clients and candidates. Our responsibility is to identify, evaluate and present the strongest candidate that fits our client’s unique requests.

Integra KV works diligently to qualify every candidate while maintaining a sense of urgency and most importantly integrity for all parties involved. We conduct the following services to ensure each candidate meets specific needs and standard set for our valued clients:

  • An in-person comprehensive interview with one of our recruitment experts to assess a candidate’s experience, personality, career goals and potential for an opportunity.
  • Drug Screening when required
  • Background check when required
  • Education and Employment Verification when required
  • Skills Test when required
  • Minimum of two recent managerial level reference inquiries 
  • Continued feedback between both candidate and client to ensure mutual satisfaction throughout the entire placement process

Contact our Kansas City elite recruiting team to find out more about our detailed screening process and how you can partner with Integra KV today, making you one step closer to a valuable business solution.