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 Goal motivated, responsible and determined professional with over 10 years of practical, hands-on experience in fast paced clinical and business settings.
 Flexible and dedicated administrator accustomed to the integration of new methods, bringing order out of chaos, and sense of initiative in a stressful and demanding environment.
 Demonstrated working well alone or as part of a team, ability to prioritize, speaking and organizational abilities.
 Active leader with excellent problem solving and analytical skills, and ability to relate well upward and downward, willing to admit mistakes.
 Enthusiastic, diligent, and commended for assisting coworkers and department in order to reach the goals and objectives of the company

Skills and Abilities
• Word Processing
• Spreadsheet Applications
• Planning of Operations
• Marketing
• Accounting • Complete Reports
• Inventory
• Innovation of projects
• Business memos
• Microsoft Excel • HIPPA Standards
• Computerized Accounting
• Power Point Presentations• Professional Attitude
• Classify Data/Objects
• Training and Support


AS Business Management and Accounting, Independence University, San Diego, CA 2019
Honors Graduate

Training: Medical Terminology, CPR, and Lab Technician, Human Resources Training, Ethics, Business Law, Finance, Management
United States Air Force: Honorable Discharge
Awards and Recognition: Multiple Commendation Medals and Multiple Principal’s Awards


Alarcom Security Systems – Tijuana, Baja California

A highly equipped Administrative Assistant with ability to perform a variety of administrative, financial, and staff support duties for the HR Department, which require knowledge and skills in each of the human resources disciplines – compensation and benefits, training and development, employee relations, and recruitment and selection.
• Responsible for recording time sheets into the Payroll System to process payments by direct deposit for more than 200 employees on a weekly basis. Sustained 100% accountability of paying by direct deposit to every employee.
• Accountable for making reports to pay Payroll Tax such as FICA, SUTA, and FUTA on time on a monthly basis.
• In charge of conducting periodic needs assessments to determine when training is necessary, and the type of training necessary to improve performance and productivity. Sustained 95% improvement of employees who needed training in specific subjects such as grammar.
• Participate in strategy meetings that require expertise in understanding how to strategically meet workforce demands, labor force trends, and to ensure solution oriented planning.
• Support in overseeing the recruitment, selection, and on-boarding process to fulfill positions needed.
• Compose and distribute inter-departmental memorandums (e-mail and documents) certifying timely delivery and receipt of essential information while at the same time maintaining privacy.
• Process New Contracts and help with customer service as needed.
• In charge of doing Translations from Spanish to English and vice versa of Contracts and Manuals.
• Handle multi-phone line to promptly forwarding them to appropriate person among 200 employees.

USA Air Force – Hurlburt Field, FL
A trained enlisted airwoman responsible for providing support at a specified client site for the Release of Information (ROI) requests for patient medical records while at the same time maintaining medical record integrity through filing and retrieving confidential patient records and radiology films.
• Ability to handle phone calls from medical and support personnel requesting medical records or patient identification to be read from the record.
• Determine records to be released by reviewing requestor information in accordance with HIPAA guidelines and obtaining pertinent patient data from various sources, including electronic, off-site, or physical records that match patient request. Scan medical records into MRO database and file them in the correct drawer.
• Prepared/pulled 70 charts for 96 MDG appointments; ensured vital medical information available for specialty clinics.
• Tracked Medical Records availability; captured weekly rates; sustained 90% availability; surpassed AF goal of 89%. Contributed to annual medical records retirement; helped prepare 680 recs; ensured success.
• Copied over 300 health records for real-world deployments; ensured 100% accountability for AOR.
• Helped with facility compliance program; third party collection revenue recouped $117K
• Logged over 500 hours of Airman Against Drunk Driving on-call; helped dispense food for the homeless during waterfront mission project. Assisted in team’s completion of active duty audit; 99% accountability of 6.6K health records and ensured compliance.
• Accomplished readiness skills verification training while ensuring 100% compliance with improved competency

San Diego State University – Administrative Assistant Volunteer
Office Team – Administrative Assistant