The QA TEST ENGINEER will be responsible for the test execution of existing and new functionality within applications and systems. Ensures that the applications function as specified in the documented requirements, use cases, design, and other approved documentation. Responsible for testing assigned functionality and their interaction with other internal components and applications. Utilizes test tools to automate, record defects and issues, update/create test cases, and to track test case execution status. Testing for each milestone is completed on time with a high level of quality.
Quality Assurance protects production and ensures quality products are delivered to our clients. Quality is defined as contributing to solutions that deliver a high-quality client experience with business and technical compliance.


  • Write test plans and test cases in compliance with relevant organizational standards.
  • Creates clearly documented defects that enable a developer to recreate the issue.
  • Maintains and updates test cases, test designs, Serviceware, and support documentation to ensure testing and support of applications is accurate.
  • Exhibits and delivers to quality assurance standards. Maintains the HPQC QA system of record; ensuring accuracy and transparency.
  • Supports the strategic direction of business and product development decisions in addition to tactical direction from leads and managers.
  • Executes end-to-end functional tests and utilizes automated tests developed by others to exercise system as appropriate. Understands automation best practices and can develop basic automation scripts.
  • Collaborates to achieve end-to-end application and business process quality.
  • Acts as “customer advocate” when investigating defects found in production. Provides feedback based on application knowledge and understanding of customer issues. Reviews application and project documentation to ensure it meets customer needs. Trains others on application and customer knowledge. Information, analysis and recommendations to support the product.
  • Understands the business needs the product is trying to meet and applies this understanding to guide testing.
  • Applies a comprehensive understanding of the product functions and the marketplace in which it is sold effectively test assigned applications.
  • Skillset enables automation of at least 50% of test cases for existing functionality. This includes the execution of existing automation test scripts as well as personally writing and executing automated test scripts.
  • Demonstrates the ability to utilize “in house” test harnesses or simulators.



  • Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field, or the equivalent experience of 4 to 5 years
  • Minimum of 3 years Quality Assurance, Business Analysis, Software Testing or Technical Support experience
  • Experience writing and executing both positive and negative tests for complex projects
  • Strong understanding of QA’s BDM lifecycle requirements. Able to read and interpret all requirements and design documentation; building corresponding test cases that support a quality delivery
  • Able to document functional and system requirements.
  • Thoroughly understands the application from the customer business process point of view. Ability to build and execute positive and negative test cases based on business scenarios and/or use cases
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills with an external and internal customer focus in all interactions
  • Understands the relationships between “owned” components and those with which they interface. Capable of assisting with cross-component dependency analysis
  • Manages data accuracy for all deliverables within the QA test repository
  • Assesses the impact of all production changes, whether full project deployments or defect fixes. Appropriately communicates risks and outlines mitigation plans


  • Experience with creating, maintaining, and executing automated tests
  • Experience using a Play/Record automation tool such as TestComplete, QuickTestPro, or similar automation tools
  • Understanding of build automation for all facets of testing – continuous delivery pipelines, smoke, integration, and load and performance testing.
  • Experience using HP Quality Center or equivalent test tools
  • Experience in business analysis, including writing requirements
  • Experience working with enterprise services.
  • Experience using source code control systems.
  • Experience testing microservices, REST APIs and data marshaling.
  • Experience researching logs, and resource consumption on Linux.
  • Experience with the Bash shell, and scripting.
  • Experience with Java, Groovy, Python, or JavaScript is a plus.
  • Working on an agile team is a plus.
  • Knowledge of event-driven architectures is a plus.
  • Knowledge of testing systems using messaging, No-SQL databases, and their associated tool sets is a plus.
  • Knowledge of testing systems using SOAP, XML-RPC, FTP, or SCP as their endpoints is a plus.
  • Knowledge of testing systems using a variety of security mechanisms is a plus.
  • Knowledge of test-driven development, behavior-driven development, and acceptance testing is a plus.
  • Knowledge monitoring system results via JMX, ElasticSearch, and Kibana is a plus.
  • Cloud computing testing experience using AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, or OpenStack is a plus.
  • Knowledge of containers, specifically experience with Docker is a plus.
  • Understanding of firewalls, networks, and communications (proxies, load balancers) is a plus.
  • An innate and overwhelming desire to, “make things better.”