How does recruiting work?
Recruiting is about finding the right fit for each of our candidates and clients. Once an Integra KV recruiter calls you, the process begins. You will have an in-person interview with our recruiting team to ensure we know what you are seeking in your next opportunity. We will do everything in our power to assist you in working towards your long-term career goals. Our detailed and strategic screening process allows us to provide long-term and perfect-fit solutions for our valued partners.

How is Integra KV different from other staffing agencies?
Integra KV is different predominantly in the way we choose to make it personal. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions; nor, do we believe that all clients or managers are alike. Instead, we focus on those elements that make each person, business and situation unique. At Integra KV, we genuinely want to provide long-term solutions to allow businesses and professionals reach their full potential and we are along for the ride every step of the way. We are always accessible if an issue arises, we will be involved as much or as little as needed and will never pressure a candidate or client on decisions.

What type of contract opportunities are available for placement?
We offer Contract Staffing, Contract for Hire, and Direct Placement Opportunities
• Contract Staffing is utilized for short or long term job placement due to seasonal, project based or other business needs. Many companies do not require the same support staff at all times throughout the year, thus the need for contract staffing. Temporary or contract assignments could be short in duration due to a specific need, or as long as a few years based entirely on the client’s demands.
Contract-for-Hire simply means that you work on a contractual basis for a designated amount of time, but may become a permanent employee if both the client and candidate agree it is a good fit for both parties. This type of arrangement gives the employee time to get to know the position and expected responsibilities, their co-workers, and the organization’s culture while also allowing the client ample time to evaluate the candidate’s performance.
Direct Placement is offered to fully screened and qualified candidates to fit a client’s full time need. In this situation, the candidate is hired on as a full-time employee and can begin the next step of their career with their new employer.

What are the benefits for using (Integra KV as my) recruiter or agency?
We know the grind of looking for a new position and we also understand the importance for clients to hire the best fit for their organization the first time around.
• To Candidates, your recruiter becomes your partner and someone in whom you can trust and rely. We will offer resume’ writing services, coaching prior to your interview, and be a genuine confidante when making tough decisions.
• To Clients, there are countless benefits that will save you time, money and stress by allowing us to do all the legwork for you. Integra KV candidates are thoroughly screened, interviewed and referenced before you ever see a resume to ensure we provide you with the best possible applicants that excel at what they do. Our job is to identify, evaluate and present the strongest candidate that fits your needs.
We encourage you to check out our Candidate Services and Client Services.

How will I be paid after Integra KV places me in my next position?
Integra KV pays all employees and contractors on a weekly basis. We set up a very simple and painless electronic time-tracking system that allows candidates to submit and managers to approve hours with a simple email. You will have the option to use a Global Credit Card, receive a live check or take advantage of our direct deposit services. You will receive your first check/compensation on the following Friday of your initial start date and will continue to receive payment every Friday for the duration of that assignment. Your Integra KV recruiter will explain this process the first week of your employment. You will also have full access to all of your personal pay stubs and withholding information with your own secure log-in and password.

What types of organizations does Integra KV partner with?
Integra KV clients range from small companies to larger corporations in and around the Kansas City metro. We currently have successful partnerships with organizations in many industries and verticals that understand the value of utilizing our market knowledge and specialized recruiters. With over 20 years of combined relationships, Integra KV has the privilege of presenting some of the best opportunities in the KC market.