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“DATA QUALITY ANALYST” POSITION SUMMARY THE DATA QUALITY ANALYST position is primarily responsible for facilitating timely and accurate hospital data submissions

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“I had been working 18+ years with the same IT company out of school. With company-wide layoffs looming I turned to Integra KV. From day one they sat down and really listened to my ideal job and goals. The team at Integra KV had 4 jobs for me in less than two days to review.  I was able to land a dream job in less than two weeks and at the salary I requested.  Personal, professional and dedicated is what I found from their staff and I can't say thank you enough!” –  Consultant
“Integra KV has quickly became our “go-to” resource to assist with staffing needs.  Our business requirements vary greatly, however, we know that we can rely on Integra KV to evaluate our staffing requests and provide a broad-range of quality candidates to satisfy these needs.  Their attention to detail and dedication to customer service have made them an invaluable staffing asset.”  Current Customer
“While looking for high quality permanent placements, I have had the opportunity to work with Integra KV several times.  Each time I have been extremely impressed with the level of service provided by the Integra KV team.  They are not just throwing a pile of resumes at me, they have studied the job requirements and insightfully presented candidates that have the skills and behaviors I am seeking.  They clearly understand that the candidates are an extension of themselves and work to find a win/win/win result.  They are my premier choice.” – Current Customer
“Integra KV has provided us with quality resources for several years. Our needs vary, but they've always taken the time to listen and understand our business, are actively involved throughout the interview/on-boarding process, and customer support process. Their attention to detail and timely support are examples of service that tend to be missing from other staffing agencies. We like the fact that a candidate is identified quickly, as our project resource needs change rapidly. IKV always comes through!”  Current Customer
“Integra KV is a trusted ally and has been my one-stop solution for my job seeking and preparation needs. Through their expert services, I was able to tailor the perfect resume to get an interview for my ideal job. They enabled me to be completely confident through the application and interview process and most impressively, they were able to get me in one Kansas City’s premiere Fortune 500 companies within just a few days of our meeting.For the past 6 months, I’ve heard from the leadership that the first team they turn to with openings such as mine is Integra KV, and now I know why. I tell everyone, contact Integra KV and they will help you find your dream workforce.” Consultant
“Integra KV is different than any recruiting agency I’ve ever worked for.  I have been with them for two years now and I got to know their team personally.  Twice, so far, they found me great companies to work for and supported me when my contracts lost funding.  They are well connected in the KC market and know how to find positions that are perfect fits for their employees.  IKV listened and addressed all of my concerns, and the best part is that their rates are very competitive and most of the time higher than anyone else.”   - Consultant
“I trepidatiously left the permanent job world to further my knowledge in the contracting realms.  Of the three agencies I have worked with, Integra KV has made this venture more than worth it.  Not only were they more than fair with the rates offered, they worked for me, rather me working for them.  Professional, competitive, and they will fight to place you into a new position the moment they are notified your contract is ending.  I would rather work with Integra KV than any other agency, easily. Period.” – Consultant
“Integra KV has been the easiest staffing firm to work with in my professional experience in the Greater KC area.  Rob has always been great and stays on top of new opportunities as they arise.” – Consultant

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