Are you so passionate about Google Compute that you want to do more than just get certified and use it all the time?  Are you the kind of person who has always gone out of your way to remain a student of technology and then shared your knowledge with the world through speaking at conferences, posting YouTube videos, writing blogs, and/or simply training others?!

If you answered YES to these two questions, you are exactly who we need to be our GOOGLE COMPUTE INSTRUCTOR…someone who is excited to teach the technology they’re passionate about while continuously learning!!  Not only are you given the opportunity to learn new technologies, but it is strongly encouraged…and paid for by the company, but the BEST part (get ready for this) is your compensation increases proportionate to the new knowledge gained and certifications received.    


  • Develop courses, build labs, create instructional videos and build testing labs
  • Align course content with Google Compute Certifications
  • Continuously learn relevant technology and trends to implement in courses.
  • Make instructional audio content to accompany the courses


  • Google Compute Certification
  • Linux knowledge/experience
  • Docker knowledge/experience
  • Training experience


  • AWS
  • IBM Cloud
  • OpenStack
  • Azure
  • Big Data
  • DevOps


  • Competitive Salary with Bonus Opportunities
  • 3 weeks vacation/1 week sick leave
  • IRA with Match
  • Paid training and conferences
  • Flextime
  • Paid holidays and family leave

                             If you’re Google Compute’s number one fan you won’t want to miss the chance to continuously learn and teach what you’re                      passionate about in this GOOGLE COMPUTE INSTRUCTOR opportunity!