The suitable candidate will function as the lead in projects related to all aspects of collecting and preparing data for analytical or operational uses. The Data Engineer responsibilities include building data pipelines to pull together information from different source systems; integrating, consolidating and cleansing data; and structuring it for use in individual analytics applications as well as assisting with the overall data architecture. The candidate will work with domain experts, data scientists, analyst and engineers who are analyzing and visualizing the data to drive efficiencies and business decisions.


  • Supporting and providing data in a ready-to-use form to data scientists who are looking to run queries and algorithms against the information for predictive analytics, machine learning and data mining purposes.
  • The Data Engineer will have exposure to all business units, plants, processes, and products in order to work with data scientists, business analyst and other analytics community members.
  • Responsible for compiling and installing database systems, writing complex queries, scaling to multiple machines, DB administration, and putting disaster recovery systems into place.
  • The ability to build a robust, fault-tolerant data pipeline that cleans, transforms, and aggregates unorganized and messy data into databases or data sources.
  • Work with business units and departments to deliver data aggregations to executives, business analysts and other end users for more basic types of analysis to aid in ongoing operations.
  • Recommending new data streams and ensuring data integrity
  • Identifying new projects and opportunities, and the associated data requirements


  • Manage both structured and unstructured data sets — must be versed in different approaches to data architecture and applications including traditional Data warehousing concepts and Data Lakes.
  • Skilled in extract, transform and load tools (Data Services, Informatica, or SSIS) and REST-oriented APIs for creating and managing data integration jobs, and providing data analysts and business users with simplified access to prepared data sets.
  • Practical understanding of statistics, predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence algorithms concepts which may include C#, Java, Python, Ruby, Scala and SQL.
  • Database management and query languages
  • Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Spark, Data streaming, NoSQL, SQL, programming
  • Ability to understand a variety of applications and domains (embedded sensors, plant processes, shop floor, ERP,etc.)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skils
  • Must be able to work with all relevant technical and non-technical parties to ensure that quality results are obtained.


  • B.S in Computer Science, Engineering or related disciplines with experience in data engineer and database administration.
  • Willingness to travel as much as 30% of the time.
  • Desire to work in a dynamic environment and have a continuous improvement and development mindset


RECRUITER NOTES: This is a blended position where the Engineer will wear many hats having DBA, ETL, and Data Architecture responsibilities. It is not a traditional Data Engineer as there will be regular ongoing interaction with internal plants, business units, and other data scientists/engineers managing the Internet of Things (IOT) data. Don’t need to be a Sr. DBA, but does need to understand the functionalities associated with Data Administration, making sure Data is Healthy, Accessible, and Accurate.

Updating/Replacing foundry plant floor equipment.

There is currently not an unstructured platform in place so Hadoop, Hive, MongoDB, etc… experience isn’t required. You could potentially help build the unstructured platform, as well as manage some structured data sets.

Current Technology Stack: SQL, SAP, Tableau, Data Services, but the client is considering others like Hadoop

30% travel means to local plants like Kansas City, Kansas and others. Current project is in Granite City.

Through competitive wages, outstanding benefits, and internal advancement opportunities, you will have the chance to create a career of which you can be proud.  If you are open to relocation, there are also vast advancement opportunities.

They offer a full range of benefits including medical, dental, vision, 401(k) with employer matching and an Employee Stock Ownership Plan.  They are 100% employee owned.